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Toronto’s Largest Trinidad & Tobago Food and Music Festival

After bursting onto the Toronto summer festival scene in 2022 with an extraordinary 18,000 visitors, the Trinbago Toronto Festival is back for its second edition on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th, 2024 from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Nathan Phillips Square!

Join us as we host even more vendors serving Trinidad and Tobago cuisine, more epic cultural performances on stage, and special booths from various sponsors and partners, including Visit Trinidad and Visit Tobago—with a chance to win a trip to Trinidad and Tobago and other great prizes!

Don’t forget to watch out for special illuminations by the CN Tower and Toronto sign in Trinidad and Tobago’s national colours on September 7th, 2024.

Greetings from Mrs. Tracey Ramsubagh-Mannette

Acting Consul General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Toronto

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Trinbago Toronto Festival! Last year, we had an unbelievable festival weekend, with over 20,000 Trinbagonians and friends of Trinidad and Tobago flooding Yonge-Dundas Square. If you were there, we know that you would agree that there was something TRULY MAGICAL about having the red, white and black take over the heart of downtown Toronto for an entire weekend. We’re excited to announce that with such incredible growth, we’re moving to an even bigger venue at Nathan Phillips Square. 

As before, the Festival takes its inspiration from our diaspora and the many areas in which they have distinguished themselves. We’re talking about academia, cuisine, sport, film, music, business and innovation, the creative and performing arts and everything in between. The overarching message that we are hoping to convey to our citizens here is that we are grateful to you, proud of you and recognize you as Trinidad and Tobago’s truest Ambassadors and best advocates. Today, because of you, the history of Canada cannot be written without special mention of Trinidad and Tobago as a vital partner that has produced so many who make invaluable contributions across all spheres in this country.

The event will be presented by Trinidad Tourism Limited, with support from the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited, under the auspices of the Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Toronto. Against the backdrop of Toronto’s City Hall, the stunning Water Fountain and iconic TORONTO sign, the Trinbago Festival will celebrate us as Trinbagonians and bring us together to showcase our people’s warmth, ingenuity and resilience, the beauty of our twin islands, the vibrance of our cultural expressions, and the brilliance of our citizens here who fly our flag high every day. We hope that the Festival will also inspire Trinbagonians and both old and new friends to “come home” for an authentic Trinidad and Tobago experience.

We have so many people to thank for bringing this event to fruition, including a wide range of sponsors and partner organizations which are featured on this website, the event management team, the performers, vendors and all the persons working on the finest details behind the scenes. We also extend our gratitude to the City of Toronto for honouring the staging of this 3rd edition of the Trinbago Festival with a special illumination of the CN Tower and 3D Toronto sign in our national colours on September 7th, 2024. The collective effort behind the Trinbago Festival has truly been reflective of our national motto, “together we aspire, together we achieve”, a guiding light that we must all embrace to guarantee our greatness in the years ahead!

May God bless you and our beautiful Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoy the festivities everyone!

Plan a Trip to Trinidad & Tobago!

Trinidad Carnival

Known as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is officially celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday every year.

The Carnival festivities start just after Christmas and continue until Ash Wednesday, with dozens of high energy parties and premier cultural competitions.

Trinidad Pitch Lake

Trinidad is home to the world’s largest commercial deposits of natural asphalt, which is mined and exported for use in manufacturing and road paving. The La Brea Pitch Lake is located on Trinidad’s southwestern coast and is recognized as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Visitors to the Lake can soak in the natural sulphur pools, enjoy the bountiful birdlife, or just stand inspired by one of nature’s true wonders. The Pitch Lake holds approximately 10 million tonnes of aspha.

// Photo Credit: Nadia Sanowar

Tobago Carnival

Lose yourself in the soul of Tobago as the island’s Carnival delivers an authentic and intimate cultural experience that keeps old traditions alive while simultaneously embracing new trends.

Chip through the streets to the sound of soca and peel away the layers to discover the rich traditions, colorful history and magical rhythms that make Tobago’s Carnival a festival you won’t soon forget!

Tobago Buccoo Bay

A long, gorgeous stretch of coastline in the iconic fishing village of Buccoo, Buccoo Bay is fringed by mangroves and other thick foliage that provide excellent shade. 

Serviced by lifeguards, the calm waters are usually clear and offer ideal swimming and snorkeling conditions. If you time it perfectly, you may be able to help local fishermen pull in the seine with their catch or witness the horses prancing through the water during daily horseback riding tours. 

// Photo Credit: Curtis Alleyne


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